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Available In: Pollmeier, Bruce, Mullican.

Botanical name: Fraxinus americana. Grows in: North America, Asia

Hardness/Janka: Janka Hardness: 1300 (1% harder than Northern red oak.)

Dimensional Stability: Below average (11.9%; 38% less stable than Northern red oak).

Color: Heartwood is mostly reddish brown; sapwood is generally pale white. Grain: Mostly closed, straight grain; fine, uniform texture. American beech is coarser than European beech. American beech has moderate to high color variation between boards. European beech has softer and finer appearance.

Workability: Good with machine cut and sanding. It has a tendency to split when nailing. Be careful with stain, it may be sometimes difficult.

Available in: Pollmeier, Bruce, Mullican.