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(Ranked by dimensional change coefficient)*

The numbers in the chart reflect the dimensional change coefficient for the various species, measured as tangential shrink- age or swelling within normal moisture content limits of 6-14 percent. Tangential change values will normally reflect changes in plainsawn wood. Quartersawn wood will usually be more dimensionally stable than plainsawn.

The dimensional change coefficient can be used to calculate expected shrinkage or swelling. Simply multiply the change in moisture content by the change coefficient and then multiply by the width of the board.

Mesquite 0.00129
Merbau 0.00153
Australian Cypress 0.00162
Padauk 0.00180
Teak 0.00185
Wenge 0.00201
Purpleheart 0.00212
Santos Mahogany 0.00238
American Cherry 0.00248
Heart Pine 0.00263
South Yellow Pine 0.00265
Douglas Fir 0.00267
White Ash 0.00274
American Walnut 0.00274
Brazilian Cherry 0.00300
Pecan | Hickory 0.00315
Yellow Birch 0.00338
Hard Maple 0.00353
Red Oak 0.00365
Jarrah 0.00396
True Hickory 0.00411
American Beech 0.00431

Source: Stability ratings taken from Wood Handbook: Wood as an Engineered Material (Agriculture Handbook 72 Forest Products Laboratory. Forest Service. U.S. Department of Agriculture: revised 1987).
*Solid Flooring

Relative Stability of Hardwood Species

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